Transgressive Adventures of Roris Coctis, esotericist and savage (June 2015)
by Zack Kouns

On the 8th day there was disorder. Man clawed his way to the heavens to cover them in shit and was punished for his hubris with derangement and loss of reason. A band of us are lost in the desert, frantically searching for the God Who we'd lost in the dark countries inside ourselves. Plagued by dreams and hallucinations, we cut open the abdomen of a beast to search for Him in steaming blood and entrails: fouling the sand black-red and thick with bilous scent. In that animal we found only life: creaturely, terrestrial, finite. When we discovered where God wasn't, we found Him where He was and we fell to the bloodied earth blinded by our earthly encounter with eternity. We died but we couldn't die, we were annihilated so that we could begin existing.