The Teenaged Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (June 2016)
by Lauren Hamami

Dreamt that i asked the white cat if he wanted to go swimming. He replied "yeah... And walk away with stitches?!?!". We went anyways. Then im in the back of this huge arena and both of the cats are up on stage and they are disc jockeying. Theres millions of tiny people watching them. Then im home and i notice bloody paw prints smeared everywhere. Turns out the cat got a gash on the pad of his paw. My mom said it was from a swimming accident. I tried to hold the cate still to further inspect and repair his wound but he kept escaping and running around. He turned the corner and by the time i caught up to him, he was my brother, with that still-bleeding injury. I called the doctor as i looked at his wound: it was deep, like a single knife wound to the bottom of the foot. When the doc arrived he used this power tool that resembled a sander to fuse my brothers flesh and skin back together and assured him that itd be ok.