Our Broken, Miraculous World
Elmer in Dwarf, Kentucky by Zack Kouns

We was drinkin with this slimy old man we met a Ducky's in a Super 8 Motel room. He offered ta buy the liquor; hell, if someone's buyin we're drinkin. Prolly thought he was gonna have a fuck and suck with my girl an I, buy our assholes an mouths with a little Wild Turkey 101. We was all sittin on tha bed getting perty tight an I had this feelin come over me. I watched him leerin at my girl's crotch, had his hand inchin tward my thigh. I had this feelin come over me. All the men in this world jes wantin to fuck and fuck forever. He got up ta piss an I unplugged the TV and follered him. He was lettin loose a that foul stream a piss an I lifted that TV up an caved in his skull with it. He dropped to tha floor an I kicked him in tha face with my work boots until you couldn't recognize him. Came to myself, sent my girl out inta tha night so's she wouldn't get in no trouble and then called the cops.

Someone like me's not fit ta live with decent people. I took two bucks from his wallet and went to tha vendin machine; got some Barbecue Chips and Strawberry Faygo to snack on while I waited fer tha cops.