The Teenage Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (June 2017)
by Lauren Hamami

dreamt that i was body surfing in a shallow creek; i was gliding on a 2 inch deep x 20 feet wide glassy body of water. Made a sharp stop at a point of land. There was a sinking home. It had also been burned down hundreds of years ago. The fire was urgent, all the family's belongings were left behind. Explored the little girl's drawings and toys for a bit but spent most of the time picking apart the mother's makeup kit. Ended up finding a thousand dollar bill with justin beiber's face on it. The bill was not counterfeit so i pocketed it and felt guilty, my heart started pounding. Then found a pouch of tobacco in one of her drawers. Opened the flap and inside was some burnt meth in the end of a plastic pipe and 17 other plastic pipes. Thought, "she kept it pretty secret and unimportant. But she still had it hidden in her home".