Pony Payroll Bones Talking The Springs of Life
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

Is there peace in the meadow
surrounded by dark woods?

Man and Woman strolled about
and sun shone searing sunbeams
drugging the melt of memory

It was the first day warmth of spring
the bloomage bliss.

Years later, there was a boy who went astray
from the other boys.
You see all three of them were chasing a rabbit--
well you know you canít catch cottontail.
     well one boy, Billy, kept running.
The other boys shouted out a warning. Donít go in
those woods. THere are ghost wraith things in there.
     well warning was not heeded.
The rabbit vanished into the dark wood, then Billy boy
vanished in the dark wood never heard or seen again.

--well thereís strife in tha meadow when tha wind
whirls from greenish blackish blue clouds till burst
the biblical wrath of tornados torn asunder this
small community
---diverting thoughtless love bliss.

and Jesus Christ, murdered by his father, husband of Mary Magdalene and riot
instigator of corrupted tax halls--rose from the cold damp stone cave
in March.
-------------------we are eating Rabbit for dinner. Come over. Please.
The Easter Bunny died for your worthless sins caught up in your
worthless body.

Billy Boy must have found the sun always shines in the woods.