Talking shop: Zack Kouns asks Daniel Taylor the tough questions (March 2016)
by Zack Kouns

ZK: You remind me so much of John Densmore from the Doors that it hurts.

DT: I hated his guitar playing but he had nice hair.

ZK: Heís the drummer, man. Get your act together.

DT: Oh yeah. Whatever, fuck that keyboard guy, tho.

ZK: Has anyone on a San Francisco street ever stepped up to the plate and called you a pussy?

DT: Naw cause they are the real pussy. I run the Giants now.

ZK: What would you do if Bobby Bonilla called you a pussy?

DT: Fired. To the bench. He works for me now. AAA for two weeks.

ZK: You remind me so much of Will Clark it hurts.

DT: I hear ya.

ZK: I canít believe how much you thrill Major League baseball fans.

DT: Itís the love of the game.

ZK: Do you think you could get me elected mayor? Do you think Iím electable?

DT: Sure thing buddy. Iíd get ya in.

ZK: Whatíll it take? I have opinions. Will you go into a sweatlodge with me?

DT: Sure thing. Shoot around some ideas in there.

ZK: Do you think Tim Robbins could hit one out of a major league ball field in his prime?

DT: For sure. If he had that mojo from Susan Sarandon.