The Buddy Boy Chronicles - Decisions
by Rory Hinchey

Alte Füchse gehen schwer in die Falle. While he never admitted his great gift of foresight even to himself, Buddy Boy's actions throughout the years spoke of his ability to make the logical connections between events. In 2008, the inner turmoil stemming from how to steer Buddy Boy Enterprises in an environment showing increasing volatility resulted in many sleepless nights, and more than one gray hair upon his head. Buddy Boy's ruminations peaked on August 7 of that year, while he was vacationing with Lena in Malta. He could never forget that day. Sitting on the hotel room bed, address book in one hand, telephone receiver in the other, his concentration broken only by Lena's frustrated pleas that he put work aside and enjoy what remained of their vacation. Over several hours, Buddy Boy initiated the motions to facilitate a large-scale restructuring of the company. These acts of reform included the sale of underutilized assets, increased outsourcing of operations such as payroll and consumer support, departmental reorganization, renegotiation of labor contracts, refinancing of corporate debt, and a sell-off of most outside investments.

Such drastic measures were not initially well regarded either by the company's advisers or board of directors. This came as no surprise to Buddy Boy, who expected more than few a questions about his new mandate. But when autumn of that year came to pass, it was widely recognized by all relevant parties that Buddy Boy's actions that day had saved the company from financial turmoil. Still, the impacts of the decreased consumer demand which followed, especially from North American markets, had its impact on his organization.

(The Buddy Boy Chronicles concludes next month with Buddy Boy Enterprises – Epilogue)

* Names, personal details, and certain details have been intentionally obscured in order to preserve the anonymity of the individuals discussed herein.