The Death of Love's Blues' #1 (May 2014)
by Steve Gigante

For the first 'Death of Love's Blues' I thought I'd focus on the 'Love' aspect. We'll get to the 'Death' part later. Of course, the two shall subsequently be mixed like a cocktail you can't put down that slowly and deliciously kills you. Oh, and if you have a problem with love songs? Try getting over it at some point before you die. The world will be an infinitely more bearable place if you do. So, here are lyrics to two love songs - one for each of the women I married.

~ A Miracle Fucked ~

The first night that I kissed your knee with a good dying man's urgency of electric whispers given voice to a heart that understood
This holy train wreck martyrdom
The watered dark inside the sun
That lit your lipsticked lips of song
And saved my strep throat soul...

Married on the threat of poverty and the wings of a gull that dive bombs the sea
The lies fed to eternity were just spit out in time
And we got sex soaked love demons in the seams
Hard working nightmares and lazy dreams
Now the headless horseman spins a web of stains
Down the fallout shelter...

Restless ghosts make living hard
So, darling, draw another Tarot card
And fly around this vine-covered room with phantom angel's wings
Strung from our colored burning shade
The chimes will touch, cry, and fade
Then all this romantic brilliance will just go away
Until true love can gather...


~ And She Said... ~

CH: And she said...
Take me away
take me anywhere
somewhere my sweet southern lips haven't gone
Get me good in the doorway
you once were passed out in
when you ditched all your loved ones
to make it alone

Girl, they lied
with the words of a saviour
who never claimed to hold us
wherever we're traveling on
from North Carolina
to the murder
all through your dreams
that drag the night gently
off the edge of the dawn
just to climb another dark wall...
And if my magic is broken
like a parable forgotten
or used by the emptiness
chasing the sun
we'll pray for lost memories
while dancing on open graves
dressed up like madness
and foolish like fun - CH

We can't hide in a house abandoned
or built from cards played out
or part of a deal
that just cuts across your heart
like shards in the shower
bring blood washing water
those fault lines are frozen
but the quakes keep on coming
just to make us die to be free...
And if our kiss is eternally driving
and shaking
like a leg locked in long
on a tongue licking slow
we'll drench every mile
make a mess of those maps
traced in the future
torn in the past - CH

We can live out the sinking
catch our breath on disaster
dredge the lakes clear
of all we can't bear
when I'm dead I'll be everywhere
and still bleeding
all over you
in the wind crying cold
for your loooooong blaaaaack hair...