Letter To The Editor (May 2014)
by Paulina Suarez

frequently i change from pig - cow - horse sooo im interested in changin roles. a changin chain column?????? would love to talk about bein pig by my exes stupid PIT BULLY while bbballin and wearin my gnome troll shirt. weird powers in the outfit at my heart, u kno. idc about "powetry" really i care about poop and chains and this girl in ma library rn her sneak skirt combo is firey!!!!!! jealous. AS I EAT a lil DUCK BUCK choco candy bar. u ever seen those??????? let me KNOW!! all i talk about is shit fashion / shit sex / and dog bites which is sorta all the same thing wen u think about it rolled up together. not specific enough? i'm sorry i can't give u that. Just weird times in piggys worlds.