Bunny Blight (May 2015)
by Andrew Barranca

Listen furry ones, Live as if your deeds define your lives, and you will find meaning in that. If you are evil it may bring satisfaction. If you do good you may find joy in that. When you look back on your lives you will do the judging. Hell and heaven are created by their inhabitants.

When you were younger you were abused. Set into a system that had been deemed normal, but it wasn't. It was normal for the time, but no one should have to live like that.

If you need, you should have. If you were raised like this you'd have had a deeper appreciation for the basic rights of life.
The right to live freely.
The right to explore your inner spirit.
The right to love.

You should have enjoyed all these rights without prejudice. It is abuse that you did not. There are chains that bind you to the limits of your society. Keep your light with you and you will find a way to go further than this abuse.

Most of what is true will be verified by a feeling from within. Try and listen for it. In everything you do. Make your feelings known and you will build honesty with yourself and others. Hold hands with your demons to find yourself in this life. What scares us is closer to the truth than the world in which we find comfort.

Feel yourself with us here. Tune yourself to our presence. You are connected to everything around you. This is our psychic ecosystem.