Pony Payroll Bones Talkin three Shady spring poems
Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

What follows are three true story poems from an unpublished manuscript Ghost Moon Blues

Shades walkin

A shadow will walk all over a human

shadow walks tha human

He was already sick and the sickness almost left and he did not know such things. Then the sickness returns---

Something did not
the story told

Long dark stairs

whatever walks -

       walks up alone


Sticky and slick with blood, we broke the buck down on our own.

fur skin muscle tendon bone marrow all wetly red.

       my 8 year old sun drunk in the cornstalks of oblivion. Hot wind whipping wind against and forth whirling twirling whirly gurley.

       The riff raff have arrived with rifles loaded.
Finger bone on the trigger-Eye on the hog


Eternal this apparition--

squawkin bloody on tha rocks.

All those ghosts feathered in caves

Crooked retracts--gravel blues

Good wants became bad wants past marble winter

Silver busted seduction in blackness

Songs singin down cobblestones.

Once the sweet sounds of spring birds

now Children disembodied