The Teenaged Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (May 2016)
by Lauren Hamami

Dreamt that i was at a water park/ state park. Packed full of people. I was walking with some friends and behind us was a little boy about 5 years of age with his younger brother and his hippie mother. The 5 year old was commenting every few seconds about the "gayness" of the place, and how this person and that person looked gay. Each time he said the word "gay" he would say it with such disdain. his mother was silent and it was as if everyone else in this crowd of people was silent and in shock and fear. Eventually he called me out and said "oh, look at that girl in front of us, she is probably gay. When he said this, i immediately turned around and threw a cup of water in his face and said softly and swiftly "shut-up". He immediately began to tear up. Everyone aroud us felt relieved and i took him by the hand. I walked with him while bending over so that i was closer to his face. I said "you can believe whatever you want but you have to understand that not everyone else will believe the same". He cut me off and said "i know that, i understand the ramifications of what im doing and i dont care".