Problem Solved (May 2017)
by Kyle Flanagan

Q: What are the best qualities to look for in a chair?

A: Placement of the chair like I want a chair to be on a porch or deck or something like that, preferably with wheels so I can slide around without getting out of the chair. I want to be able to lounge and still have the possibility to get something done. Also not too soft so I don't get sleepy

Q: What's the laziest way to achieve cheap heat in or out of the squared circle?

A: turn on the oven and hop in!

Q: Creative uses for leftover neopolitan ice cream?

A: put it in the water chamber of your bong, wait for it to melt, and enjoy!

Q: I want an outie bellybutton, any suggestions?

A: take a massive bong rip and hold it in until it pops out!

Q: I want to make squibs for my low budget action movie but am out of baking soda. What's some other ways of making cheap explosions look good on camera?

A: get the entire viewing audience high enough to think the explosions are insane! like everytime!

Q: I want luxurious hair like Huck Finn's but I"m a hairless ape. Without grafts, weaves or wigs, what would you recommend for such coiffure?

A: masturbate over and over again until you are absolutely covered in your own semen and roll around in the dirt!