Witches Milk (for November 2012)
by Zack Kouns

(Two women hanging by their neck in a basement are turned toward one another and speaking in whispers.)

First: Ever heard Nina Simone's “Break Down and Let It All Out”?

Second: I heard it the first time I drank Witches Milk. I hung myself from the tallest tree, but death wouldn't have me.

First: Death is a bit more selective than religious texts would have you believe. I've been hanging here for years seeking his spindly fingers; I can't even climb down and watch Saturn devour his son.

Second: Yeah, I saw children climbing in adult's bodies the other day. They were making their limbs move and talking in high pitch voices.

First: What kind of world are we living in: two Nina Simone fans can't die and children are climbing into their parent's bodies so as to have strange kid sex with one another? I mean, real weird stuff: like taking dirt from the bottom of lakes and cramming it in each others rear ends.

Second: Cutting off each others fingers and putting a lot of sugar on them; pretending they're candy licking sticks and passing them around a semi circle packed with their closest friends.

First: When I was a child we used to shoot cats in the legs with tater guns; then we'd creep up on them in Halloween masks and pretend we were their gods.

Second: When I was a girl, I lived in the fourteenth century. Times were pretty hard unless you were a feudal lord; even then, I'll bet they had their difficulties.

First: Yeah, bandits hiding in the forest for example.

Second: That's just it; we lived in perpetual fear of bandits. Plagued all my nightmares.

First: I remember the first time I heard “Wild is the Wind” When Nina says “Love me, love me, love me” I feel like I drank a quart of witches milk. Then there's that haunting gypsy piano line.

Second: “You touch me, I feel the sound of mandolins”

First: “You kiss me, with your kiss my life begins”

Second: “You're spring to me”

First: “All things to me”

Second: “Don't you know you're life itself?”