Love Letters (November 2014)
by Deli

The revelation is fantastic and full of ugly things from the devil,i guess only i see them ugly blind and stupid ...with no heart at all doing their "mission"
They probably think they do a great thing,if they dont learn,they will never understand what they did.and everyday i see that they didnt learned.that i wrote all i wrote for nobody
Made no difference my words to them.how stupid and blind this people are.
My dear...to be me is not easy.i must suport ugly things and no peace at all.i just cant accept their ignorance.god knows my hate for this...my hate for ignorance,hypocrisy and blindness.
Yes,i am a fighter and i wont let them even think that they do the right thing.its not the right thing and they know it but believe it not

I am glad life and whoever was there to teach me truth put in my life osho ,jesus and quran.
And i thank god for music.there is no way for this lie to win as a good thing as long as i know that i dont deserve to live this.
They can call it later holy war ,if i escape alive this war would be considered the most stupid thing they ever did...the most ugly thing...and this people the most ignorant and blinds and with no soul at all

If you knew or if someone knew what i must endure until the end for the same end,i would be understood.looks like im the only one who knows its no reason to fuck my life for me to grow and know god.i know god only thanks to good things.this war,made me know how unfair life is... Ugly...very ugly what this people do to me
If they but knew,they would change and truly repent.their sorry disgust me when i see that they are not truly sorry...

I so much hope to win this.in the same time looking at how the situation is,i am sure it wont be an awakening.this people didnt awake and i did much to show the truth.
For NOthing really.they are ignorant...

May god make speed to save me,to put me into sleep...again I sleeped for years.
Only seing this makes me explode with anger.

The truth is the truth and cant be changed or transformed even if i wish this very much
Life forces me to see truth so i cant see a good thing in this shit that is happening thanks to their disbelief and ignorance.

I apologise if from time to time i wrote about them here...its the only way for me to let them know how stupid and ugly is what they do I know they see it as a good thing
Its not.
Love you dear...i am glad you are.i needed you so i could really express myself.
I know i may not sound to good but i m doing what i must do.
Woe to this polyteists .if they knew what they do,they would cry.not me. They would feel bad,not me.

I dream one day this losers to put me in my place,they took my place. I dream to meet the heads if this thing and really punch them in their face.
Maybe they awake then
If they laugh,they should not.
I dont laugh and they know (or not) that i am not their partener in this thing.they worship their thing,and me mine.

Thank you for the chance that you give me,by accepting me you aloud me to write myself.i hope not upset you and smile my dear...as long as i dont sleep and accept their stupid game,you can smile.

Love you!