muscle spasms / the actor over the hill
by Chad Beattie

     / rat salad dementia two nickels in a quarter's time / unlucky ghosts wrangling sloopy claws like dangling tonsils / waving & wagging silly games those humans play / wars & wanking & nail polish / stupid ol games those humans play / whistling sacred hymns / clouds a little too brown / stupid ol skies and goddamn greasy uncooked chicken thigh / slap more beef on the table, dear / my meat's not tender enough / I like my meat red / and clunky / and raw / my beef's not raw enough, dear / make it rawer / kill it again / dumb ol games those humans play / eager-eyed jackals loose worm cabbage / can't stop the hyenas from laughing / at those goddamn owls / and their protruding beaks / if they got any beaks
     / slip-licked slumber / day sun rot west / follow the geese / they normally make it home / depressed & repressed / over & over / waiting for your lips to turn blue / or for you to get older / can't make it with a disney chick got only three teeth / grow another & we'll talk / got five goddamn teeth in my gums / five of em / and all of em I use to bite off the tips of bone marrow / sink right into your fat / gotta few things on my mind / cigarette juice & fish oil / a little cold in here / maybe i'll put some socks on / or say hello to lucy / that frivolous beast / she never gets enough sleep
     / devil's spit tastes salty / add a finger full of parsley / spice it up & feast / don't tell the landlord what goes on in here / he'll never forgive us / and he'll evict us for sure / never liked the sight of scum / can't blame him / don't like myself too much either / that's why I keep the lawnmower mowin' / always scope out the calender before I dry out the spleen / two shots down the sewer / one more scotch for the fireman / story is he starts his own fires to stay in business / well we all gotta work don't we / can't sit and watch a clock tick / or play with yourself until the elves arrive
     / walk too far east you'll slip / bright pink syrup / looks good to drink / probably is / that's the stuff you use to clean underneath your fingernails / on days when the top button is undone / and you start hittin the bottle 'round noon / lucy's outside mending the garden / wave her down / smile awkwardly / one of these days i'll take her out for lobster /