PonY Payroll BOnes Talkin Trying To GiT tO HeaVeN UpoN a GreeN GoaT
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

Try yu get to heaven ridin
upon tha back of thaT
Tangle matted green goat

GOat got one eye
that real real real dark red
LIke a murder upon
Saturday night

THa goat got tha other
eye tha color shade O
Furnace fierce orange

--Like tha sun blazin tha
blue smooth marble death throes of
de night’s shadow ocean night
      LIke someone took a
Gigantic Axe and
split tha sun cause
he thoughT it an ORange danglin sumptously
from an invisible Florida orange treee.

      Maybe that someone had scurvy of the soul.
Vitamin C bloody pulpy vitamin C will kill scurvy.

well long story short—tha sun got plumb chopped in two halves vivisected! No nourishing Vitamin C bloody orange plasma radiation yolked outta that make believe divine
citrus fruit.

Radioactive ELectrical bursts of Jagged lightning spewn forth every God damnation corner of everY one’s of Earths COntinenTs!

THa roof sky firmanent shook and shivered violently!

came crashin down on tha WHOLE of thA WHOLE WORLD!

and yous knows whaT happened?

and You knoWs whaT

and do Yous knoWs whaT

LETs me Tell You.


CAN     NOT     EVERT     TELLS     YOu!! SOMEthinG ta do with tha WORLD ending? THa whoLE of the world ending? THe end of history? THe end of all histories. My mouth is shuTs sewn bout thaT particulaR matteR. I tell you this though two thangs. ONe

we is still standing here and I’m able to tell you this. I can tell you some things cause God bestows upon each of us somthing peculiar special. I learnedT mines way when i wuz 13 years old. One FrostY JanuarY mornin darkness i got pulled to go to mys bedroom’s window. Across tha street was this abandoned victorian mansion. Well I saw ghosTs carrY a ghost coffin right in through tha front door of thaT derelict!

     buT yeTs I dos
WILL LEave yous
with this poor searchin souL advice---

A very 13 days ago
(upon a SUndays) before
these calamatous Events

          I SAWS SOMEthing!

The very divine sky and that
it’s everythings its holds dominion over upon
spoketh revealed
A revealotory revealation

     thru tha Vessel
     divinity mystery of


THat is I means that I do the divination readings

Let me tell YoU!


ONe dem clouds
was shaped like a
GOd Damn COffin!

This here. this place Earth we go about alive whilst beig once amongst the manys.----
You know what? LEt me tell you son. LEt me tell you young lady!
We are all asshole deep in NEcromancY! Nothing cans change thaT

Notes: Inspiration taken from for this true story narrative derived from an old creole song called “The Rooster and the Hen.”