Pony Payroll BOnes Talkin Screamin At Mules
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

3three mules in
     and I
ridin thru tha Haunt
spot. NEar tha railroad

something came outta
tha dark O DarK

SOmething behind me
and tha mules

jusT started screamin

couldn’t see it!
     heardin it movin round though.
and in a frenzY

yes some THANG came outta tha darkness
wood and just started screamin and wouldn’t stop
screamin. Screamin at me and the mules.

was it’s screamins shaded with pain?
--maloevoence.....demonic evils?

were they screams of help?

No, they were not screams of help.

ONe my mule....well all of them were
unerved—bristling hair....

One my mules got off the road and
went into the river shallows.

It was braying in the brightly moon light
rooted in that frigid shallow river.

Slick Rock River theys call it.

This was December. With the cold like this
we were in a predictament.

I jumped off tha mule i was ridin. and I had to go in the river
shallows. That water was bone cold chillin shattering water.

Well moon shone down fatly bright and I tell tha Good Lord THanks to this day I got this here little gift of illuminative comfort.

but that thing screamin was still in a frenzy
screamin upon screams.
          These screams were screamin!

Other two my mules
ran outta sight down
tha dirt road
Till I couldn’t sense
hows fars they gone

Well thar I wasz standin in the river shallows shiverin
with that stubborn terrorized mule.

Get this! Mule won’t budge
we’re both gittin beyond freezin and
thaT THING kepT keeps

makes yer blood flow backwards I tells you.

I said prayers to the lord many time over and tha
THinG kepT screamin. Awful blood curdling screamin---and
then at one point tha THING starTed throwin rocks at Us. Almost fell over
when I goT struck hard in tha head.

Slicker Rock River lived up to its very name—cause
I slipped 3 times
that night on those uneven rocky

Wells we stood thar
freezing in tha river with tha Fat Moon Shone
milky down and mys teeth chattering adn that thing screamin
all night..all the long long night. and it was a very long terrible
night to subterfuge infliction by....

Well then we knews morning was drawin strength and dawn wasz
gonna sliver. THaT thinG was relentless though....wouldn’t shuT
up till those brightly hued colorings of DAWN broke gradiating shading of light
slivers ...to end that Foulness choked night.

THa thing yes just stopped screaming whence bloodY orange pink light shot slow
buckshot refractions through all tha stoic birch and oaks.

I was sick. I knew I was sick.

I was laid up sick
at tha Thompson Family Inn
four miles back down on tha Joppa Pike.

I was old friends with the Thompson family.

They sent tha two2 oldest boys, Tom and Elijah,
--look for my other mules

3 miles up from tha haint spot
one mule was found
slashed up real bad dead on its side
with tha belly cut open and some tha innards
dragged out cross the road width.

Up another 3three miles
other mule was found
....same thing dead on the road—cept
tha knife was still stuck and down to tha
handle in tha meat of tha mule head

As for tha mule I wasz ridin
.....was all messed up in
tha head after...after that poor thing
wouldn’t or couldn’t make much sense
and was startin to starve itself.

well we put tha poor beast down.

SO this be a
true story---

group of men went
out thar everY night
to tha haunted spot for three weeks straight
and they were heavily armed with all the guns and such
well those boYs never found a God Damn thang. Never heard a God damn thang. One night some owls spooked them that was bout iT. never found that thing. that thing screamin!

Alls i could gathers and surmise bout my experience be this. For somes unknowns reasons, GOd allows the demonic, be them manifestations of creatures, ghosts, or men or women or some kinda perverted combination....well he allows these things to trespass into
ours world to committ unatural acts such I had to witness
and suffer

everyones jusT watch out!

this is a true true story.

nothin you can do outs thars sometimes
           amongst tha shadowy somewheres