Transgressive Adventures of Roris Coctis, esotericist and savage (November 2015)
by Zack Kouns

As daylight waned, I was driving blindly on narrow rural roads without a destination in mind. A girl wearing only a bloody chemise wandered from the forest and stood in front of my car. With difficulty, I managed to stop before my car collided with her frail, tiny body. Before I could react, she climbed into my passenger seat and started whispering breathlessly: “Drive drive drive drive drive drive. The Black Sun is the human body. So is poverty and the stinking waters of the river. Circles of rams. They're coming.” I began driving and she gave hushed directions between shallow breaths. We drove for miles, away from houses and the stain of man. There was no sound on the earth; it was so quiet that I could hear her blood flowing from the wound on her torso. She ordered me to pull over beside a stand of evergreen trees, the dark pines resembling pillars of supernal flames rising from the wilderness. She issued from my car like a wounded beast who had escaped from a trap and began staggering through the woods. I followed closely behind her, determined to discover what she sought so desperately. She disappeared into a thick grove of trees. As I approached, I found dozens of mutilated corpses spread throughout the grove and she was crouched on the ground with her face buried in the abdomen of a younger male, her teeth ferociously tearing at his intestines. She paused and looked up at me from her gory repast and said “Look at all these black suns that have fallen to the earth. Their orbit led them through my bedroom at night and they fucked me. They fucked me with the innocence of the first animals discovering their sexual organs. The cosmos has lost balance. False suns are always falling, corporeal and throbbing with misery. I will devour them, I will cure my ravenous hunger with their celestial flesh. Join me.” With that she turned back to the boy and continued feasting on his viscera. Me? I rarely swim against the current. I dined at the banquet hall of the body until my appetite was sufficiently slaked.