A SimPLe counTrY MusiC PoeM
by Matthew PonY Bones

I couldn’t really
Git      tu tell them how I couldn’t
Escape tha countrY music.

Thar are other violent
WaYs tu seT you

Don’T yoU forgeT thar’s a tombstOne everY miLe

I couldn’T  find tha
Righted words--to conveY
Like a semi-tractor haulin
ChromE Ass in a rain storm through
Tha mountains on I-75
        Why Rock and RoLL

Let mE
And was a leT dowN  eventuaLitY

I wanted to Relate
Tammy Wynette’s divine spirit possession despondency
--splinters all tha bones
                And tha Frentic heart bursts
Outta tha chest
With barn owl wings

I guess someone is eating ribs tonight

I wanted to explain carefully
How tha band Alabama
Smothered my childhood with
Sentimental sexuality--
How billY RaY cyrus
Ate the gravel off tha
Rough ruff road and spoke in
A true honest tongue o blood drippin
        Well…at least he maybe tried at thaT

        I wanna scalP keith urbaN and massage his exposed brains to a good canister of gasoline cocaine.

        How ConwaY twittY
Waszt a twitter of a droLL

How none of most of
Anyone has hearda Barry West,
Northwest, Georgia country singer--
Who sanged bout railroads
With all honesty--Railroads--
Baking railroad ties in tha
Late summer heat
And roses--Yes--vivid
Roses--that will always
Fall apart wither and
Pluck themselves away into

Country music is bout singin to and bout
Where ya got struck to---
                Or stuffed in metaphYsicaL Taxiderms

That’s whY Elvis Aaron Presley was such a pure flawed maN.

        ThaT’s whY Garth BrooKs showed up anYwaY at a 1996 NashviLLe FaN FaiR
AfteR he saiD he was noT gonnA do such a heLL of a corn Pone cornY scratch thang yet instead -----Garth goT Galvanized bythe GhosT of God thaT wenT through hiM and hE signed autographS for astounding 23 houRs straighTTTT.

OnLy sum of this and that I procLaiM I hold a stricted faith in
        Lot of the sum may be swollen bellY road kill
And yes nostaglia can be death and I haVe lived in some deaths
And I got a bellY full of shiT and I always step in those dried cow

Though I musT saY what holds strong and true, either side of the ditch

Country music is bout Tha
        SENSE OF SIN

AnD eaTin tha pale pinK tongue outta a roadkiLLed doG’s stiff moutH.

HeavY rains arE comin                and tha thundeR RoLLLLLS