Bunny Blight (October 2014)
by Andrew Barranca

I used to wonder all the time how my life would have been different "if..."

Now that I'm stuck in this cave all I really wonder is when will I get out?

If I get out things WILL be different.

Truffles are a fungus. I don't want to eat fungus. I want to eat potato. Bunny says truffles will buy us lots of potato. She says I have a nose for truffles. I'm going to use my nose for truffles to get more potatoes.

I dominate. That's what I've always done. No one ever sticks up for themselves when I'm around. Tigers have a reputation for winning. That doesn't mean I can't be deterred, but most people defeat themselves before they even try.

I'm one of those guys that just takes what he wants. Ever since I was little I just got everything I muttered.

The one thing I haven't found yet is that special someone who will love me unconditionally. I got everything anyone should ever want. I guess I'm just too intimidating.

I see Bunny doing all she can to make sure we are happy and healthy. I just wonder if she is. If I could have one wish I'd want to give her a house with a yard and big garden full of parsnips. She deserves it, because She gives the best hugs.

All I want is more hugs and candy.

The size of a tiger is not as important as the sharpness of his claws and his teeth. My willingness to use them has always given me an edge over larger foes. I'm fierce, so even the big fear me.

I want to be a teacher when I grow up, so I can help people learn. Or a doctor so I can cure their bodies. I'd like to be a reporter so I can expose the truth. Or a firefighter so I can save people from fires. Anything like that.

Being a mouse is great. You just have to play to others' perceptions. You can be quiet but carry an inner strength.