Paradisiac's Corner - I Must Be Going
by Arvo Zylo

Photo by Lidia Vomito.

It is with mild but clearly discernable regret that I have to announce my dissolution from direct involvement with ...And Some of His Sons Were Horses. ... And much of the internet in general. This website has been a great inspiration and to attempt to consume it whole is really something.

There comes a time when a man has to spend more time walking in cemeteries, with no other voices than his own.

In daily affairs, everything is an observable choice. To do one thing is to avoid doing another. To choose one thing is to seem to endorse it to happenstance observers.

The universe is cluttered with oversimplifications, and overworked thoughts.

My own thoughts need space. Faces come out of the rain, man.

I want to thank my colleagues and wish everyone the best.

Call me when they find a way to commercialize telepathy.

Truly Yours and Saintly About it,