Pony Payroll Bones talkin When Fiddlin Texan Eck Robertson Sawed and Sang The Island Unknown
Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

My death bed in the dew grass. He lost the jig.

Had left in weep and to bourbon.

A hard hearted life

True love gone

To tha Island Unknown

Red white sorrow

with pain autumn sunshine. Autumn

sunshine. Oh we were barefoot once.

Weep has now come, gather yourself low

rolling dark cloudy sky Oh Father

I rambled through the trigger eye.

It was once in the rustling cornstalks whirling twirling

whirly troubles

buck dance back down to

Texas. I got limping hard draggin

with tha special dog gospel.

prayers tendon bone marrow

my time rolled-

reckless hard hearted life

FAREWELL to America

off to the Island


Captain, Comrade, Friends, dear lover and Family patiently woe at home--

I must die in some wild flowers deep in tha sweet

with rifles loaded all around.

I go bloody in all things.

Farewell is all wrecked

fur skin muscle lost

Old sun goes down crimson

lavender drunk adieu.

The time wind whipping wind

shuffling--wind blears

pull her dress pull her dress.