Bunny Blight (October 2015)
by Andrew Barranca

The longer we are away from home the more this feels like we are never going home Bear.

Wherever we go we are still here Mouse.

Take my hand.
Can you feel that?
There is an undeniable energy that flows through us.
Close your eyes
And feel the electricity.
We are that feeling.
Honest or hurt
We are that feeling.
I feel you healing
Past this vessel of a body.

You've come this far, but there is always more to explore. Every event is another chisel strike to the work of life which is you.

Bear, maybe we could return to our lives with a new mission. A mission to contribute selflessly to the betterment of our world.
It's a nice thought Mouse, and we will do what we can, but our idea of a better world may not coincide with everyone else. I think the best we can hope for is to try and live our own lives better.