For Hank Williams Jr.
by Matthew PonY Bones Proctor

Mount Ajax

            where tha wampus damn fell off---

13 years later
            correct the alignment of his eyes

his brains spillaged
out upon tha continental

Tharís a right
and tharís a left in
country music

one night back in 1976
I got my Thompson submachine
gun out
and shot all tha
tomato plants down. IT was an
old fashioned massacre! God damN those
Tomatoes were ripe. NO green tomatoes on
thaT GOd Damn Vine!

I did this cuz i didnít thiNk
heíd wanna go Crappie fishin

Kentuck Lake
            dark morn
and you can
see tha
            lake surface turning that blue
tinted silver in de

            nickel Plated
Smith and WEssons.

daddY would carry a couple of suitcases
loaded damn down heavY with them pistol