The Teenaged Dreams Of Lauren Hamami (October 2015)
by Lauren Hamami

Dreamt I took Mescaline with Travis and other prick. I learned about the metabolization process from an outside source. Then went to class, read something about the unspoken and how it is just as valuable as the spoken. Sarah Bateman was the teacher. The rest of the class did not grasp the idea and I just didn't speak. Went home where there was a party, winding down, everyone laying everywhere. Morgan was there and I was happy I got to lay with him but it was all very crowded and he became upset that I took this drug that he believed was a prescription pain killer. I lit a cigarette backwards in confusion. He left to find comfort. I spoke to an inanimate bottle "oh, you embody the very thing we are trying to speak of but never grasp: sublime beauty, stillness, silence, indifference."