Transgressive Adventures of Roris Coctis, esotericist and savage (October 2015)
by Zack Kouns

In Richmond, a dozen or so crazed, Bacchic, drunken revelers (including this foolish adventurer) made a follied voyage to a canal like drainage ditch hidden in the dark, Virginian woods to continue a concert began at a nearby house. By chance, we stumbled upon an esoteric ritual: several initiates in dark gray robes with the emblem of a pierced heart embroidered on the center of the chest and off white muslin hooded masks shrouding their faces were gathered in a circle in the dark reciting circular phrases composed in a lost tongue with a quiet and subtle intensity that shocked with it's propulsive, rhythmic tone. Once we were discovered, we were deemed hostile intruders and they fell upon us with knives in a frenzied, ecstatic trance and killed every last one of us. I awoke in the morning covered in blood and returned from the dark countries of the hereafter. Everlasting Life. Life Everlasting.