Toilet Nachos
by Zack Kouns, Pony Payroll Bones, and Bryan Martin

PPB: I know what happens cuz Iím across tha river in another field. Thar are worse things than life. Enjoy. I eat Nachos everyday. My butterfly. Kouns is tooo much into the curry lamb.

BM: I love toilet nachos.

ZK: Time to UNLOAD: I REFUSE to ever get shot with a tranquilizer dart and get changed into a fairy tale animal ever again. People come up to me and show me pictures and then they try to turn me into a coyote because they know I have a coyote mask.

PPB: It all depends on how yu cook with your chicken stock when tha stock market is down.

ZK: I donít touch that stuff father. Pay for my college degree. I will go to college on your dime, you can bank on that.

BM: Lawdy! Iím currently lodged in a rank job from 1940 to Southern Spain and luckily my degrader still works apparently although the filthy jobbers set up an obsolete bilge near the jump-cave where we could transmit the foam so itís impossible to know if yaíll are getting this or just a buncha bad recipe jokes. How many haircuts can one man assume?

ZK: Iíll cut your hair as my new college degree. Assume that I can make a great curry recipe with your hair once and for all and throw some cornbread in on the side just for laughs.

BM: Boys, letís do this/I got 1/3 of the hammer

PPB: Who has the rustic nail?

ZK: Iíve got tons of primitive art in my living room. Human sacrifice, stuff like that. Can anyone help me hang that up on my wall?

PPB: Stuff it up your pussy

ZK: Iíll put you in peckerneck jail over libel like that Pony Penis Bone. Morgan saw your birth certificate. He is a truther. He lets the world know the real YOU

BM: Boyís town slice corn to visit Harambe deodorant in jail minus a towel or three. PAGING KEVIN SULLIVANÖIím a need you boys to go back to collage town and plop up a coupla do-si-dopes for the git down rodeo make up seminar. Beef slog takin off tha ritz. You keep jostliní with tha limiter, youíre fixing ter clobber yourself on the reuptake. Kerry Von Erich would gradually include more tassles to his wrestling boots as he neared his suicide. In Wrestlemania VII I can clearly see him working the wobble, accompanied by his coke and ludes and Percodan as Dino Bravo, The Worldís Strongest Man, clearly sells his heeldom to the 2nd gen babyface. This is because he lost his foot in 1986 running from the cops from a coke deal gone bad.

PPB: Kounster

BM: Play that bass boy

PPB: Got my hat back. Yu know Mr Fuji died

BM: You called it macaroni, but man now that squared circleís a

PPB: Well Mr Fuji still dead

BM: Anybody claim that automobile tarp yet? Iím tryna whup myself with a homemade windex recipe and thereís fifteen clothes freaks on Yahoo! Claims I need to interrogate

ZK: There are no female bears in this entire world. The next time someone sneaks up on my when Iím scooping watermelon out of Vinnieís toilet Iím going to invent female bears. Watching mules snort dried banana leaves and red red red red red clay off of your back and then dancing in the New Year all hobbles and gobbles is something Iíll never forget as long as my name is Sting, popular recording artist.

BM: Told him all about tha jazuzzi mallet.

ZK: I love to bubble and bobble and hymen and hammer and leapiní Lenny Dykstraís hair cancer till the cows trip over the violin puddle