Bunny Blight (September 2014)
by Andrew Barranca

Look Bunny, how we settle your rent debt is just between you and me.

30 minutes for 30 days sounds fair to me.

When I was just a baby bunny my mother always told me to make sure you didn't take what you couldn't afford. Now that I'm older I feel like I have to do whatever I can to survive, so if that means I'm taking what I can't afford, can I still afford to live with dignity, or will little men continue to try and strip that from me too. Surviving with dignity seems to be a luxury these days.

Be glad you have something to trade Bunny.

I'll be glad when this transaction is over.

Baby Mouse I told you to stay downstairs.

I found this potato.

Beat it Baby Mouse. Time for Bunny to open up her change purse, and pay the rent.

This potato smells funny Bunny.

I think you dug up a truffle baby mouse, and by the size of it I think our luck may have turned. Maybe you should leave little man. Our deal may not be as imminent as I once thought.