Love Letters
by Deli

I see my life as a movie now…god made me so crazy
Thats why i suffered…because i got crazy.when my awakening started i was very confused and understood nothing…and i didnt even cared…i had no desire to read…to live…to find out something.all i wanted was to escape.i saw suicide as a way to escape,i lived and i’m glad because i awake and i dont think i awake just for me…my awakening was thanks to this crazy war with me…with life…with what the hell is going on.this war is a devine thing for the earth…i want the system to change because if doesnt change great people like me wont survive in it.i am sick of zombies and i cant tolerate it…i rather die than live blessed in a dead place.
If i live i want to dance…to do what i want …and this is good because if i was accepting whatever life gave me,i was not fighting for a better life for us all.
I never liked that i am hard to please and i judge everything that is bad…but now i look at me and i let me be crazy and i enjoy it…. I want the church and all the earth and i want the truth in the world :)) i want everything

My dear…so hard to explain my actions…even a light one would say i should surrender to god.i surrendered to god…but not to a system…and god wants me to do this…to say fuck off to all the uncoscious things…its a time to wake up,are inocent people suffering because of this unconscious system and we can change this,its the right time to do this…and we need to start…a fresh start.

I so much wish i could tel all the trip…but i’m still in the trip so i cant say things clear…

Homeless…yes ….i have people(zombies) that suport my life…i tried to integrate myself in the system but i couldnt it..the system is so stupid that god just didnt wanted me to be part of it,but to hate it. this earth is not my home.
I am very afraid of people…i trust god and god tells me : take care,this people are zombies…they are not with me


I have a cute lovely way of being with god that i cant explain to people…they will understand stupid things..it is imposible to show god to someone else…nobody showed me god,i saw god…
I cant show to someone blind something…that one cant see..
Thats why awakening is important…people know god from books but not from life experience

I realised i am very much jesus not becauss i read jesus and tried to be like him….i was myself…crazy…then i was saying things and later i was reading the same things in jesus gospels…
I couldnt understand jesus before…i had to know me and life to know that i am jesus by being myself..me and jesus,have the same self Me and all the world have the same self :)) how can i dont be sad to see them killing themselfs? :))

I feel like i had nothing to do…and i took a tiket…a role to play in life :))
I an detached from everything…but in everything that i do i put a lot of passion and i am so serious about this role that i play on earth…

Dear you…i never thought i will say something.i am glad i do,if i say things its because i have to say all this crazy things…
You are probably away …i wish you have a good time…
I wish we have a good time together one day…talk about crazy stuff :))
helping this zombies to wake up
This is our job….and my mission is to see all …and gather the “chosen” ones…
I realise this but later…i didnt knew i actualy do such a thing…
everything that is happening is not done by me…i have no ideea whats going on…

God is so crazy…i laugh so much….and cry so much
What a blessing….
How can i dont wish this for all?

I love you a loooooot!!! I’ll send some photos(i dont know with what)