Pony Payroll Bones Talking Bout Recent News In Bro Country
by Matthew Pony Bones Proctor

Lee Brice and Jason Aldean don't won't the mystery of God.

May crack open like eggs the meat of rituals over ancient the man feels the road.

Ever piss in tha back of your own shiny pickup truck? Ever circle jerk to Keith Urban impersonating Toby Keith.

Modern-day man are no longer themes that are truly necessary in country contemporary music --

Miranda Lambert gets a new hair cut. She is now astutely perky, possibly on the edge.

Yeas Jimmy C. Newman died and no one cares. He died so Miranda Lambert could get a brand new perky haircut. When she was gitin that haircut her tit boobs also got perky.

The Bellamy Brothers have confessed to inventing "bro country." They open shows with a gospel song then segue into timely song about Miranda Lamberts perky boob tits teetering and shaking over the abyss.

Dribbled cock cusses at gets learned. Take tackle a piss misplaced dualities and broken.

Tenderized by death's ejaculation. Polish the party pick up truck with bro country semen. Miranda Lambert is crying in the back bed of the pick up truck. Her new haircut is losing novelty power.

Reminiscences--Tweets, Tours, true friendship and don't you forget Tits--Four Tits shaken. Miranda Lambert's tits. Kacey Musgraves Tits.

When those two women take a piss and shit session in tha bad old bro country woods, God sends a windy breeze caressing their double twats and assholes going at work.

Work is what we must do every day Ladies.