Olympic Gold
by Mac Callihan

       Prophet Nation, welcome home! Smith Holbrook back with yaíll bringing the scoop from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. God Bless South America for being such a gracious and welcoming host to the summer Olympics this year. Itís been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me to have witnessed such tremendous athletes competing.

The conglomeration of different nations in one city has been culturally refreshing! Mark one off my bucket list, boys, ďXĒ it out! Okay, letís get to some newsÖ

Faithful Propheteers, itís been an eventful August, yes. To your great relief, our beloved NBA Commissioner isnít locked down in an overpopulated Brazilian jail anymore. Freedom!

He called from the payphone in his bustling jail ďpodĒ 3 days into the Olympic games and spoke in a determined whisper to me: ďHolbrook, the Olympics have come to town and my cellmates refuse to watch it on our small television. They express no interest in the Games; instead, the inmates become wholly enthralled in shows focused on criminal activity such as Cops and Jailed. Itís becoming unbearable, Smith. Last night they all grew increasingly frenetic and volatile as they took bets on a live broadcast of a womenís MMA bout. Shew...Iíve been in here for 3 weeks and each day presents new tests of fortitude and patience...not to mention self-preservation! Iím learning more about myself now than ever before; this is the psychotherapy that I never found sitting on a couch in an air-conditioned office. Iím soul searching, Smith. Iíve been self-serving and egotistical, gluttonous and utterly out of control...itís always been a battle for me, but Iím in the midst of a paradigm shift. A shift towards minimalism and meditation. Itís true. Iím ready, Smith. Come bail me out. And reserve a room at the Hilton, my kind man. I urgently need a shower with a clean floor and walls; I feel dirtier after taking a shower here! HAHA! Oh my, Oh my. At any rate...thank you, Holbrook. Thank you for being a great person and a great friend. You are appreciated massively and Iím lucky to know you. Now letís go witness some supreme athletes together at the Olympics! I love you, buddy, and Iíll see you soon.Ē

Ha! Old Adam Silver--he never fails to amaze me. So...I bailed him out and we then stayed in Rio de Janeiro and supported the USA basketball team--and whoever else we went to watch compete (no matter the sport or nation!) Youíll be pleased to know Commissioner Silver was a well-behaved gentleman over the past month. Iíve been highly impressed with his restraint, awed by his newfound gratitude and humility. And Rio has been an international circus this past month--heroes, saints, mimes, mystics, criminals, lunatics, fanatics, the whole tackle box!

So Silver and I watched our USA hoop squad lay waste to their enemies, dismantling each of them with focused efficiency. A total of 4 Northeastern KY Prophets donned USA jerseys and were integral contributors to the team. Striver Roarkís stat line in the Gold medal game, you ask? 22 assists, 12 points, and 10 steals. I know, right? Wild.

After the gold medal game, a reporter handed him the microphone. He began to speak, slowly and measured. He said, ďGod bless all the nations of our world. Thank you for all that you do to better everyoneís lives in your respective countries. I will cherish this moment and will remember your love and kindness forever. To rise up from a small Northeastern Kentucky Church League just a few years ago and now to have an Olympic gold medal around my neck--itís surreal. Itís a testament to Godís great sense of humor and his ability to bless anyone at any time. Big high 5ís and thank youís to these superstar teammates of mine, all you fans out there, the Olympic Committee; also, I canít forget my good friend Adam Silver, the prolific gambler and wildly progressive visionary that he is, along with being the NBAís Commander-in-Chief; and lastly, to my heavenly father above. Thank you Lord for this life of infinite possibility youíve given us all. Life, you know, is the greatest gift of all. Iím out, and flying home to the bluegrass state yaíll. Thank you!Ē

Well, Prophet Nation, itís been a whirlwind of a month. Iím back home, and although South America was amazing, I need some porch swinging with my darliní wife. Iíll talk to ya, next month! Until then, much love and much hope. Help each other out there, and youíll help yourself by doing so. Iím Smith Holbrook, and itís Prophet Reporting.