Status Updates that I didn't post to www.facebook.com (September 2016)
by Zack Kouns

Status Updates I didn't post on www.facebook.com: I WON'T get changed into some fairy tale beast a little later. You can bank on that. How about you? You concerned that might happen to you if you're not careful?

I got this coyote mask four years back because I participated in a Sweat Lodge peyote ceremony with the Native American church in Las Cruces, NM in 2011 and I saw coyotes in my dreams and it keeps causing me to get shot with tranquilizer guns because my uncle in law is with animal control and coyotes are hated chicken thieves around here.

I now know what you look like as a dill pickle in a giant glass jar and it was every bit as pretty as I knew it was going to be.

Real Estate Investment by professionals with cash is the name of my new supergroup and I need you on drums.

You can't chant RICK RICK RICK RICK RICK or they will kick you out. Rick as game designer is Nightmare's best friend.

How many burrito babies does Shane make every second. That's what I'd love to get some statistics on.

I can't believe Nashville changed its name to Myrtle Beach and is now on the coast. It just keeps changing.