Sting Fling
by Zack Kouns and Rick Weaver

RW: Bumblebee Sting. Sting as a bumblebee

ZK: Sting on the lick of a mountain, thrusting his bee tongue up toward an adoring Sunkist bottle.

RW: Between flares of flatulence and declarations of independence, the delightful Sunbee Sting

ZK: My Sting a ling is off limits. Who put the Sting in the Sting a ling a ding dong, hickory stickory Stockhausen?

RW: Just Sting-ing in the rain

ZK: What a thrill it must have been when placed the golden band on Nicki's Sting finger.

RW: Sting Blade starring Bumble Bob Thornton. The Sting featuring Paul Puller Blue Man. The Blue Man starring a swarm of bees.

ZK: Stinging in the Rain featuring Morgan Scareit

RW: Sting Fling starring a collapsed bath house. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that Sting. Sting on Salsa Mountain. Morgan is a dead Sting-er for Stingdaddy Stingy Dick. Stingloaf and Sting and Morgan stinging "Hive on Life"

ZK: The Sting and I featuring the Indian Ocean and a bloody Clorox wipe. Morgan's out there playing Sting Pong with Shane's burritos.

RW: Pinky to chin blinking with stolen cap fur and saying "Ain't I a real Sting-ker?" Shane asks nicely "Why'd you Bogart all my Sting cheese, putty nuts?" Swinging with Sting Crosby. Sting's bald head.

ZK: Sting eating a bowl of organic frosted flakes at 2am after a long night in the Yoga Studio. Sting sitting on the porch of a Kincaid masterpiece, wearing the tall hat of Arby's and wearing a Horseradish colored suit.

RW: Chuck Berry serenades Kinkers with a little tune called " My Sting-a-liing" Kinkers is Berry's affectionate nickname for super painter Kincaid. Kinky Friedman has an affectionate nickname for Berry: Big Berry he calls him.

ZK: I'll Berry Friedman in a Sting Tsunami. You can call me Dionysus Stingington but don't call me late for ayahuasca.